Simple natural skincare ingredients can be as effective as scientifically engineered solutions. Unfortunately, most store-bought beauty products come packed with artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives and stabilizers that can easily be absorbed through the skin’s pores, potentially causing a range of negative long-term health effects. So why not choose natural solutions that help repair and restore skin back to its original healthy and glowing state. We will look at each of these powerful natural skincare ingredients, what they do, and what types of products they are found in.

Quartz Rosewater

Quartz rosewater is formulated with distilled rose petals that contain super hydrating benefits, which reduce inflammation and redness. It also acts as a natural toner, which helps get rid of acne and dermatitis and treats aging skin by preventing free radical damage. Its soothing effects and scent make it a wonderful hydrating facial spray for everyday use.


Watermelon extract if packed with vitamins A, B6, C, lycopene and amino acids, which contribute to healthier looking hair and skin. It’s an amazing ingredient that delivers intense hydration, prevents aging skin, stimulates collagen, acts as a natural toner, moisturizes and promotes hair growth, and restores damaged skin. You can often find this ingredient formulated in body scrubs, face masks and haircare.


Coconut milk is a nutritious liquid that works wonders to maintain healthy and glowing skin. It’s a nourishing and moisturizing treatment packed with vitamins C, E, B6, iron and magnesium, which helps maintain skin elasticity and prevents premature aging. This amazing ingredient is commonly incorporated in skincare and haircare products and is great for all skin types.


Cucumber is a superfood that contains vital ingredients such as vitamins K, C, magnesium, potassium and caffeic acid, which heals, hydrates and soothes skin. It’s also a natural bleaching agent that can help lighten the color of scars, dark circles and sunburns. Its cooling properties along with antioxidants and silica present in cucumbers help rejuvenate the skin. This ingredient is often found in skincare products.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that promotes collagen production, protects against UV damage, reduces inflammation, strengthens and repairs, and brightens and smooths skin. Research has shown that vitamin C concentrations as low as 0.6% provide antioxidant and anti-aging benefits to the skin. This ingredient is ideal for all ages and skin types and can be found in many hair and skincare products.

Kristin Nikolich