Yoga was developed in Northern India over 5,000 years ago. It’s a spiritual discipline that brings harmony between the mind and body. Over 37 million people practice yoga in America and this number is expected to increase to 55 million by 2020. Its popularity continues to grow. Why? Because it makes people feel good. It’s a wonderful way to create a healthy lifestyle through breathing, exercising, and meditation. There are many variations of yoga you can explore to achieve your own goals at your own pace.

So, jump on your favorite yoga mat, and enjoy the 30 benefits of yoga.

  1. Creates a sense of calm and relaxation

  2. Provides weight loss

  3. Increases flexibility and balance

  4. Protects one from injuries

  5. Decreases stress

  6. Improves energy level

  7. Maintains a balanced metabolism

  8. Increases body awareness

  9. Relieves anxiety

  10. Encourages good digestive function

  11. Improves muscle tone and strength

  12. Boosts immune system

  13. Lowers blood pressure

  14. Decreases cholesterol level

  15. Fights depression

  16. Reduces pain and inflammation

  17. Increases quality of sleep

  18. Enhances fertility

  19. Eases asthma

  20. Improves memory

  21. Protects heart

  22. Encourages self esteem

  23. Improves circulation

  24. Helps with posture

  25. Develops awareness

  26. Alleviates back pain

  27. Prevents joint deterioration

  28. Improves breathing

  29. Makes you stronger

  30. Promotes youthfulness