Face masks are a wonderful way to pamper your skin anywhere at any time. Ideally, you should apply a mask 1-2 times a week to keep your skin from looking dull and dehydrated. There are simple steps you can take to effectively prep your skin prior to applying a mask. You won’t receive its full benefits without proper preparation. Here is our ultimate face mask essentials checklist:


Start your mask session with a comfortable wide hair band that will sweep unwanted hair off your face before beginning your beauty routine. We recommend our Luxe Headband that’s made from soft terry cotton. It has a hidden Velcro strip, that will keep headband snug and secured.


Floral and herbal facial steams are an important part of a good skincare regime and are great for relaxation and skin detoxification. We recommend using a Floral Face Steam. Warm steam opens pores and extracts impurities for an instant glow. The combination of flower petals and dried fruit will tighten, moisturize, and calm inflammation for more youthful looking skin.


Gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing are necessary to maintain a smooth and bright complexion. The purpose of a scrub is to remove dead skin, and to loosen up dirt and congested pores, which lead to unwanted blemishes. We recommend using our Citrus Face Polish. This exfoliator make your skin feel exceptionally clean and refreshed without feeling stripped or uncomfortable.


Face masks are luxurious skincare treatments that target different concerns to keep skin looking healthy and moisturized. The process of applying a face mask is simple and provides immense benefits. We recommend using our Brighten Clay Face Mask. It’s made with fruit enzymes, honey and tone-improving rosehip to help draw out impurities and detoxify the skin. The result is diminished shine and visibly reduced pores for clearer, smoother looking skin in just one use.


After you’ve applied your face mask, grab two pieces of sliced cucumber and place them over your eyes. This will help alleviate dark circles and inflammation around the eyes making your skin feel more youthful.