Sleep deficiency can wreak havoc on your health. It can lower your immune system, trigger mood changes, cause irritability, anxiety and depression. This is why, its so important to create good sleep habits, to promote good mental health and energy conservation. Getting natural melatonin production back on track, is the most sustainable scenario. Here are 15 ways to promote natural and healthy sleep patterns.

  1. Drink sleep-inducing herbal tea before bed

  2. Put away technology and turn off tv

  3. Meditate or practice yoga

  4. Use essential oils to unwind

  5. Take magnesium and calcium

  6. Use an aromatherapy eye pillow

  7. Make your room cool and dark

  8. Invest in a good mattress

  9. Release stress with exercise

  10. Sleep with a white noise machine to drown out background noise

  11. Use natural sleep remedies (Valerian, Melatonin)

  12. Try to go to bed around the same time every night

  13. Eliminate late night snacking

  14. Skip caffeinated products by mid afternoon

  15. Drink tart cherry juice