Kriya Veda

Kriya Veda is a premium yoga inspired brand that represents clean living, luxurious design, and exceptional quality. Our passion is creating transformational lifestyle products that focus on the inner and outer well-being of our customers.


Our mission is to connect, inspire, and motivate every day with our eco-chic accessories. We create versatile products that are non-toxic, because we want you to feel confident about taking a greener path to wellness.


Sustainability (caring deeply for the well-being of our planet by creating clean products), unity (creating a mindset that encompasses love, peace, and respect), and community (uniting all types of people from all over the world).

What Does Kriya Veda Mean?

Kriya means “outward physical manifestation” or “spontaneous body movement”

Veda is the Sanskrit word for “knowledge”

What Does the Lotus Flower Represent?

The Lotus represents many things. It represents rising above muddy waters to achieve new awakenings or beginnings. It means aspiring to express love, life, and beauty. The Lotus has symbolism dating back thousands of years, making it very spiritual in many cultures. In yoga, we stay rooted, but we emerge, grow, and achieve, just like the Lotus flower.

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) Eco Mats:

TPE is an eco-friendly foam material made of non-toxic recycled biodegradable plastics. TPEs are versatile compounds that replace PVC during the manufacturing process, making them safe for human health and our environment.

Our mats are free of PVC, rubber, toxins, latex, chlorides, and lead. Their closed cell construction makes them odorless and 100% hypoallergenic. They are also biodegradable and recyclable, ensuring that we help play a role in protecting our environment.

Much emphasis is put into the cushioning and texture of our mats, making them superior in the marketplace. They are lightweight and have a high durability factor, which impress even the well-traveled yogis in the industry.

Who are These Mats Recommended for? And for What Types of Yoga?

Our mats can be used for all types of yoga practice and meditation. They can also be used for stretching, Boot Camp, HIIT, Barre, and other types of exercise classes.