Master the Perfect Tree Pose


Hello Yogis and Friends! Today I wanted to share a Yoga Pose breakdown of one of my most beloved Yoga Asana's, Tree Pose! This posture has so many amazing benefits as it is a balance challenge, hip opener, and strengthening posture for the lower body and core. I especially recommend practicing Tree Pose in the morning before you start your day, (outdoors if available to you) to remind yourself, you are safely rooted and supported by the world around you, and to open your heart to the new day, energizing your mind and body! 


  • Starting with your right leg as your standing leg, spread your toes wide, gripping the mat almost like rooting down into the sand at the beach. 
  • Pull up on your right kneecap to engage and firm up your right thigh. 
  • Consciously firm up your core by pulling up from your lower abdomen. A strong core is a strong asana!
  • Take the inside of your left foot to the right ankle, with your left toes flexed into the mat.  Draw your left knee open toward the wall behind you, opening the hips. 
  • You can ABSOLUTELY stay here, or challenge your balance a little further by taking your left foot to the inside of your right leg or inner thigh, avoiding the knee with your left foot placement.  
  • Hands can stay pressed together at heart center for balance or reach your arms up in a "V" shape, biceps tracing along your ears, lifting your heart center, to enjoy an upper back stretch. 
  • Stay here for five breaths, continuing to root down through your right foot and drawing your left knee back. 
  • On each inhale, imagine the crown of your head reaching a little higher toward the sky, growing your Tree, and with each exhale, see where you can let go and soften. 

* Repeat on the left side