Introducing The Moodsters!


Mats Include Instructional Yoga Pose Poster

Lots of important research shows that yoga can improve children’s mental and physical well-being. Backed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, yoga can help alleviate kids emotional stress, improve concentration, boost kids immune systems, and most importantly, it can help kids understand and manage their emotions. In short, it teaches children to listen to their heart, body, and mind, and to help them cope with the challenges of everyday life. And the exciting news is that it’s never too early to start!

That is why we are pleased to announce our partnership with The Moodsters. They are five loveable detectives that teach kids the fundamentals of feelings and promotes children’s health and well-being. The award winning children’s brand equips young yogis with the tools of mindfulness, yoga, and emotions.

Developed by Denise Daniels, an award winning broadcast journalist and child development expert, and Kristin McGee, a celebrity yoga instructor and author. The Moodsters Yoga Program and accompanying eco-friendly Moodsters Mat and yoga poster, gives kids the gift that can help keep them calm and happy no matter what comes their way.

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